Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hunting and Web 2.0 – Is YouTube hurting hunters’ image?

It’s ironic that I am writing a post about hunting and open-source web material on a blog! Undoubtedly public web sources for hunting can be great for learning, reviewing and meeting likeminded outdoors people. There are lots of interesting blogs, forums, podcasts and video sites with tips, tutorials, information sharing and entertainment for hunters and shooters; I know this because I chew up a little too much time on these! However there is much on the web, most notably videos, which leave me feeling uneasy…
I have given this topic quite a bit of thought, usually after seeing some video on YouTube that leaves me feeling like I should be looking over my shoulder to make sure no-one saw what I was just watching! My point is that sources like YouTube are full of just terrible examples of why short clips can do a lot of damage to hunter PR. Now I have to pick my argument carefully here as there are some very obvious potential holes for criticism.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Lions in the news. Again.

Lion tranquilizing and re-location 1997
(yes, thats me, in my 'youth')
This past couple of weeks has seen a number of notices and reports land in my inbox regarding the petition supported by various animal rights groups to list the African lion as an endangered species in the USA. With an endangered species status, American hunters could no longer legally import lion parts they have collected in Africa. Americans import more than half of all lions hunted in Africa. The motivation behind the petition is that with the overall rapid decline in lion numbers, preventing Americans from importing legally hunted lions will make noticeable inroads into slowing the decline of wild lions.

Blast from the past!

I was sorting some old photos this evening and found this old gem, circa 1998.
How to antagonize a rather large African Rock Python....

©Brian Joubert

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Notable Quote:

Suppressed and wounded instincts are the
dangers threatening civilized man; uninhabited
drives are the dangers threatening primitive
man.... Primitive man must tame the animal
in himself and make it his helpful companion;
civilized man must heal the animal in himself
and make it his friend.

- Aniela Jaffe