Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bow fun

I finally took the plunge and entered the world of stick and string. For years I have toyed with the idea of dabbling in archery but never committed. In fact the last time I expressed my interest in this one of my older, wiser friends advised me that I already had too many hobbies and that I should “just sit down for a while and the desire will go away”!

Well the urge to be in the bush with a bow led me to purchase a new Mission ‘Craze’. After test shooting it at Sherwood Park Archery I was smitten (which is easy when you are a bow neophyte). What I love about this bow is its 28” axle to axle length. In other words, it is tiny. In fact in my hands it looks like a kids bow, but draws to a full 30” and fits me well at that length. It also has an unbelievable 15-70lbs draw weight range! I actually shoot it without target-embarrassment too!

This photo gives you an idea of how small this bow is. Time to fling pointy sticks...

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