Sunday, May 15, 2011

You know you had a late spring when.. are paddling around 5ft thick unshaded ice shelves in the middle of May.

Warm spring days, icy spring water.
As always, sliding my kayak into the freezing river for the first time after winter was like being freed from a non-paddling cage (I clearly always avoid hyperbole too). My stiff back and shoulders feel rewarding and a pleasant reminder of more river-dances to come this summer.

Here's a short video. They will get a little better as the summer progresses!

© Brian Joubert


  1. Did you say hello to any fish while you were upside down? :-)

  2. Anthony,
    I did. I instructed them to seriously consider any very odd looking Caddis they may see dragging big V's behind them on the surface ;-)

  3. Excellent work. I like that. I'm going to add it to my own list of trout talking points.