Friday, July 8, 2011

Archery form?

OK archers and bowhunters, have at me.

I got this idea from the SoCal Bowhunter blog a while back and thought it was a good idea to stimulate comments from the outdoor blogosphere.

Take a look at these admittedly poor quality iPhone photos and video and critique my form. We hear so many opinions on archery form I would be interested to hear you thoughts.

I was thinking my shoulders could be flatter and taking advice from a Chuck Adams column, my leading foot could be more open, pointing a little more towards the target?

Fire Away!

 © Brian Joubert


  1. Brian, I am no expert, so feel free to take my opinions with a grain of salt.

    Your form looks good overall, and is actually quite similar to mine. (I am also a larger guy with a smaller ATA bow.)

    I agree that your shoulders could be flatter. (The angle of your shoulders increases the height of your draw-arm elbow.) That said, it appears you are aiming down and therefore everything (shoulders, arms, head, etc.) appears to be dipping forward.

    What DL are you shooting at? It looks like it could be a tad long. It is common for guys with a short ATA bow to shoot with too long of a DL, so that they can get their nose to the string comfortably. (The sharp string angle of a short ATA bow contributes to this.)

  2. Thanks Mark,

    I shoot 30" DL. My shoulders are angled I think because I was advised to get my release hand elbow higher up?

    Appeciate the feedback!

  3. Brian,

    I am first a hunter and second an take this how you will. I paid most attention to your release hand. It appears that you may have a tendency (and this is hard to say after watching only one shot) to "punch" the trigger. I think I noticed this because after release, there should be some backward motion from your release hand, which comes from pulling against the backwall. The best thing to help with the "shoot now" mentality, or the countdown to shot, is to invest in a back-tension release. I would suggest the Whalen Hooker. It forces you to aim, aim, aim and let the release be a complete surprise. It is also a great workout for your back!


  4. Great stuff, Brian and thanks for the mention!

    First off, I partially agree with Mark. Your shoulders need to be a bit more square. You can still raise that release elbow AND keep the shoulders square. Trust me, that was one of the things I had to do. It starts out tough, but once you do it over and over it comes natural. Your shots will be more consistent and you won't have to 'shoot down' like Mark said.

    Your DL looks fine to me. The string is resting right where it should on your face.

    Will makes a good point about punching the trigger, too. The back tension releases are pretty popular, but you can achieve the same thing with the release you have. You just have to focus on 'trying to touch your shoulder blades together.' If that makes any sense. That will make your back stronger and allow more back tension. Yet another thing I had to recently correct and I am still working on it. After 27 years this is hard to change, but it does work!

    The only thing that this non-expert-with-lots-to-learn sees to correct in your form, even after 27 years of archery, is to turn your grip hand outward. (I had to do the same thing a few years ago). Allow me to explain. Hold your hand in front of you like you are saying 'STOP!' Now relax your hand. This is how you should grip the bow as it should seat right in the V of your hand. Do a search on it and you'll see what I mean.

    Other than that, your form looks pretty good. What bow is that? Looks like one of those TNT bows. What is that thing axle-to-axle? 28" Looks so small!

    Great post and thanks for sticking your neck out to have us critique you, Brian! Hope you get lots of good feedback.


  5. Thanks guys. I was punching the trigger last night and releasing too low. That frustration made it worse!
    Bow is a mission craze , 30" , 60lbs

  6. I would recommend the Whalen Hooker. The best part is that it forces you to aim, aim, aim and let the release be a complete surprise. It is also a great workout for your back and shoulders.