Monday, October 10, 2011

Cheap and accurate?

I have been hearing via assorted tall tales and general bull in the shooting universe that Savage’s new-ish budget iron, the Axis (nee Edge), can turn some pretty fine accuracy. I have handled a few but not shot any, until today. The reports of trigger pulls that could budge a hippo are true, as is the general ‘plasticiness’ of the piece. However for $299 ($329 gets you the package with a set of generic weaver style mounts and a Bushnell ‘Sharpshooter’ 3-9x40 scope) this must be, without a doubt, the best value going. Then again, the other budget Savage offerings like the Stevens 200 and 111/11 FCXP3 also have a reputation for cost defying accuracy).

I shot a few 100 and 200 yard groups with one chambered in .223 Remington and it lived up to its reputation. Luckily off the bench one can settle the rifle firmly into a rest and wrestle that trigger; which I would optimistically reckon pulls at about 7-8lbs. After market improvments are available from Rifle Basix. The Sharpshooter scope is not that sharp, but did its part. If it were me I would opt for the naked rifle and contribute a few more pennies into a better piece of glass and mounts.

Now behold – these are representative 100 yard groups (not cherry picked for glory) from a 300 buck rifle…can you say ‘0.5MOA or less’?

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